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Before You Apply as a Homestay Host

You should be willing and able to provide the following:

Accommodation: Available, clean and furnished

Proximity: Live within 50 minutes or less of a public-transport accessible university, college, TAFE or educational institution (a short walk at either end of the journey is okay)

Interest: In cultural engagement and exchange

Guidance: To help a young visitor navigate Australian language, culture and lifestyle

English: Proficiency in conversational English at a tertiary educational level
Additionally, for student safety and security assurance, you will need to pass a criminal background check.

Host Family Profiles

Our hosts have a wide range of backgrounds and are extremely diverse. They range in family profile from people who are single parents and empty-nesters to those with kids still in school looking for cultural exposure in their home. Some hosts live alone and welcome the company of an international student, and may host more than one student at a time (if they have additional bedrooms available).

Who and How Long

As a host, you can specify the type of student you are looking for as well as your preferred duration and dates of availability. We encourage and support diversity and do not place students or hosts based on ethnicity preferences. We understand and support preferences based on gender and age on both the student and host applications.

Students range in age from under 16 (in select programs) to over 25, with the majority of students aged 18-24 years. They can be male or female, and of course, from different cultures and nationalities. All will have at least a basic level of English understanding.

While some students visit Australia for as little as four weeks (and shorter by arrangement) it is not uncommon for a stay of six months, to a year or longer. When convenient, all or part of that time can be in homestay.

Great Location

Safe, Clean & Accessible

A great homestay is a safe, clean and orderly home within a reasonable bus or train ride to the student’s educational institution. Your student should have a bedroom available to them in your home. Bedrooms generally need to be private. On occasion we have requests for shared rooms.

Your student’s bedroom needs to be clean, and in good repair (i.e. must comply with current building regulations and not be under renovation). The room should be located within the family dwelling, and offer privacy. It should include:

  • Comfortable (non-inflatable and non-fold-out) bed + linen
  • Desk & chair
  • Appropriate lighting
  • Wardrobe and a dresser

High Demand Areas

Depending on international student enrolments into educational institutions, some areas are more popular than others.

Contact us to inquire about demand in your area.

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I enjoyed hosting the study tour group! We were outside playing soccer until sunset each afternoon. It was a great experience for the students and my family.