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2017 Student Homestay Pricing

The Australian Homestay Network offers easy and complete homestay packages. This rate schedule allows you to find a homestay that best suits you.

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2017 Homestay Fees Perth
Placement Fee* $280 Airport Pickup from the Airport $130
Private Room Shared Room
Easy Homestay Packages (for over 18s only) – Weekly Fee Payable
Traditional Homestay
2 meals Monday to Friday, 3 meals on weekends
$275 Traditional Homestay
2 meals Monday to Friday, 3 meals on weekends
Dinner Only $250 Dinner Only $220
No Meals $195 No Meals $165
Complete Homestay Packages (compulsory for under 18s) – Weekly Fee Payable
Complete Homestay
3 meals, 7 days per week
$310 Complete Homestay
3 meals, 7 days per week

Study Tour quotes will be issued on a case by case basis dependant on numbers.

AHN places students based on preferences and availability of matching hosts with regard to proximity to their place of study. Applications received well in advance are subject to higher availability of hosts within a closer location to the education provider. AHN does not charge students additional fees to be placed in specific zones or locations.

Placement fee includes:

  • Selection and training of host
  • System support during application process
  • Ensuring that all appropriate authority clearances are in place
  • Host residence visit and approval process
  • Placement of student (student – host preference matching)
  • Follow-up support if required regarding placement
  • Liaison with education institution and agent as appropriate

Weekly fee includes:

  • Meals and accommodation as specified
  • Homestay host additional support for students
  • AHN professional 24/7 phone support
  • Compulsory AHN contents insurance for students and hosts as per our insurance policy.
  • Ongoing monitoring of host suitability
  • System access for agents, institution, students and hosts
  • AHN project management
  • Local AHN supervisor support

Important note:

AHN has been acknowledged by the Australian Government as having appropriate standards for homestay accommodation. Our team consists of experienced and dedicated people using our unique management system, HMS™ (Homestay Management System), for managing placements throughout Australia. We ensure that everyone involved in homestay can have a unique, safe and enjoyable cultural experience. AHN is the industry leader for homestay in Australia and delivers the highest quality of service for visiting students.