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Prompt, Professional Service

Prompt service and support is provided to each host from the time they apply to become a host, right through the arrival, stay and departure of each student placed in their home.

Professional training and support, including a dedicated local Host Manager, make sure you don’t feel you are “going it alone”.


  • Education about different student cultures
  • Learn about hosting best practices
  • Student culture, communication and interaction
  • Online training for self-paced learning
  • Training by your assigned local Host Manager


  • Student screening and matching in advance of hosting
  • Airport pick-up and delivery of your student to your home
  • Facilitate your student relationship through the adjustment period
  • 24 x 7 contact centre for emergencies or critical incident support
  • Highly responsive replies to email and phone inquiries
  • Online host forum for private use between Hosts

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Isabel is a delight, thoughtful and considerate, and it is an absolute pleasure to have Isabel staying in my home.