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About Your Guests

International students who choose to study in Australia come from all over the world. They may be here simply to experience Australian culture and improve their English speaking skills, or they may be pursuing a specific program of study from an Australian educational provider. Many of our students undertake undergraduate and postgraduate studies across many institutions.

Places of Origin for International Students in Australia

Students come from all over the world to study in Australia. The majority of students come from Asia, with the largest number coming from China. Large numbers of students from South America and the Middle East are also choosing Australia as their destination for overseas study.

Will they speak English?

Yes. Students all speak some level of English. Students who are accepted into university courses need to meet a minimum standard of English proficiency. Other students are here specifically to learn English and immerse themselves in the language to improve their skills. Many students find that staying in a welcoming Australian home is the best way to do that.

Student Types

Different Ages & Cultures

Students of all different ages and backgrounds come to study in Australia, and apply to have homestay with AHN. The majority of students we place are aged between 16 – 25 years of age. We do place students that are both younger and older. The split between gender is approximately 50% females, and 50% males. We place students of all different cultural and religious backgrounds in homestay accommodation with our equally diverse group hosts.

You Can Specify

As a host, you can specify the type of student you would like to host. The broader your acceptance criteria, the higher the likelihood of a match and more you are assured an ongoing stream of international visitors into your home.
We encourage and support diversity and do not place students with hosts based on ethnicity preferences. We understand and support preferences based on gender and age on both the student and host applications.

Your local Customer Care Manager will coordinate with you about the best student type match for you and your hosting preference.

Length of Stay

In general, most homestay placements are initially for a period of 28 nights. After the initial placement period students can easily extend, often for 28 nights at a time, as long as the host family is available, and the student wishes to continue living in homestay accommodation. As a host you can specify your preferred duration and availability. Let us know if you have a preference for a short or long term homestay placement.

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I have hosted numerous students, some staying for a few weeks, and others for over a year. It is always a great experience to show my guests around the city and introduce them to the local culture. I also learn a great deal about the guests cultures.