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The Australian Homestay Network (AHN) program is the leading and most successful homestay network program in the world. AHN provides more than just rooms for rent; we are committed to the highest quality homestay experience for every student and are raising the standards of homestay in Australia and globally.

We accomplish this goal through our proprietary processes of selecting and approving host families and matching students to the right hosts, as well as our provision of online training for hosts and students to prepare them for this unique multicultural experience.

For more information, please read our Homestay Policy.

AHN have been the industry leaders in homestay standards throughout Australia. In Australia, we’ve received acknowledgement and commendation for ‘appropriate’ standards from industry bodies and in two Australian Government inquiries.

Click here for full details of the standards we adhere to.

We’re a little different than more direct, peer-to-peer services in that we provide a full service approach to hosting. That means that we know exactly who hosts and students are staying with and what their background is. It also means that students and hosts have our support 24 hours a day in case there is a problem or emergency. We also handle billing and most collection activities for a hassle free homestay. We provide training on cultural understanding and making international guests and our hosts comfortable.  Our processes ensure we prepare hosts and students to have the best experience possible in Australia.

AHN also provides a comprehensive suite of services that extend to everyone affiliated with our company. Our agents, students, educators, and hosts all have private access to an online communication portal, ensuring that we can efficiently and effectively manage the complexities of a national homestay business while adhering to our Homestay Policy.

We have programs for high school, pathway, college and university students which can be both short and long term. Generally, we do not accept students under the age of 12 years unless travelling as part of a study tour (these will be reviewed on a case by case basis).  All new students over 18 years old who are arriving for their first term of study are recommended to spend a minimum of 4 weeks in a properly managed AHN homestay prior to making longer term accommodation arrangements.

Agents who work with AHN receive the benefits of the decades of experience, processes, and systems that the Australian Homestay Network has accumulated over the years.

The Australian Homestay Network has secured a long-term exclusive global license for the HMS (Host Management System) technology. This system provides private access to track your students’ progress with their applications, their homestay host matches, and their arrivals, as well as a complete history of all communications relating to their homestay experience. The system automatically makes routine email contact with the student and the host to ensure that the homestay is going smoothly. We collect feedback from students and hosts to support our continued learning philosophy.

Please contact your local AHN office to discuss partnering opportunities and a non-exclusive contract with commission opportunities.

In return for the promotion of AHN homestay to schools, parents and students, agents will receive:

  • Student homestay application management
  • Agent homestay relationship management
  • AHN system access, support and training for institution and agents
  • AHN host management
  • AHN homestay incident management
  • AHN homestay payments management
  • AHN homestay insurance as specified on the website for host and student
  • Provision of reports as reasonably required by agents
  • Ongoing support as appropriate and required
  • Clearly documented policies for best practice homestay operations

Our service offerings are comprehensive and provide a compelling reason for agents to work with AHN. Our program includes:

  • A full-service national homestay management organization for international students and touring visitors
  • A strong national network of experienced staff having placed more than 35,000 international guests students in homestays
  • Safe, comfortable homestays near all major education providers throughout Australia
  • Certified homestay hosts who complete thorough training and assessment in guest student care and cultural exchange
  • A team of professional and dedicated staff to assist throughout the entire homestay experience and your ongoing relationship with AHN
  • Secure access to our system for tracking applications, homestay details, payment histories, and more
  • Airport transportation services
  • Online cultural host training and testing
  • Online student orientation
  • 24/7 student support line

AHN have a growing community of homestay hosts in many cities across the country. Please see our our locations page or contact us to discuss your specific geographical homestay requirements as we are continually expanding our business.

At AHN, we hold our hosts to the highest standards. Our hosts are rigorously screened including a criminal background check and they are matched carefully with each student. Hosts are expected to welcome a student warmly into their home and help them become familiar with the Australian lifestyle so they are successful during their time in our program. AHN host families must speak clear and correct English and are expected to provide students with

  • a clean, comfortable private bedroom with place to study
  • a choice of meal plans
  • inclusion in host activities based on student interest
  • internet access (there may be a charge depending on the household)
  • information on how to access public transportation

For full details and requirements, see our Homestay Policy and Homestay Host Agreement

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