Hopefully, you won’t ever have to make a claim, however if something is damaged or needs replacing while you’re taking part in homestay, you can lodge a claim with our insurer who will help make the claims process as quick as possible.  

Please contact your insurance company as soon as practical after the event happens. You will need to provide proof it is a genuine claim (photos, damage details, etc.) and the insurer will check to ensure it falls within the policy’s terms and conditions.

If your claim is approved, the insurer will work out the value of the claim and provide the appropriate benefit specified in your insurance contract, by either repairing or replacing the damaged property or items, or processing a payment back to you.

To make a claim, please download the form below

And email to info@acmib.com.au, copy to info@homestaynetwork.org attaching any photos or evidence requested.

The ACM Insurance Brokers Team will review the claim and keep you informed throughout the process.

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