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There are many advantages of hosting international students. Being a homestay host is a rewarding experience. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about other cultures while showcasing Australia to visitors from all over the world.  Explore the benefits of being a host family, read stories from AHN ‘ambassadors’ and watch our host video to find out more.

A unique cultural exchange

Have you ever wanted to learn another language? Do you like the idea of meeting people from across the globe? With homestay, you can experience another culture without leaving home. Sharing your traditions, trying different foods and learning each other’s language are just some of the enriching ways you can connect with your guests. Many families also develop life-long friendships with the international students they host.

Rediscover your own country

We consider our hosts to be ambassadors for Australia, which means helping your international guests learn about the local culture, understand our lingo and encouraging them to see as much of the country as possible. This process gives you the chance to get in touch with your local community, explore Australia and appreciate what being a real Aussie is all about.

Assisting students with their English

The main advantage for students coming to study in Australia is their immersion into an English-speaking culture. There’s a tendency for international students to make friends with people from their home country. In homestay, however, students are exposed to English in their everyday life, not just in their classes. As a host, you can help your guests improve their language skills through daily conversation, practising English over meals and spending time together. These simple activities allow students to learn and understand English at a much faster rate.

An attractive alternative to renting

Both renting and hosting start with having a room available. But the next three steps – to find, select and manage the person sharing your home – are very different. A big part of our success comes from matching visiting international students with the host that’s right for them. We do this by pairing guests and hosts based on common interests and lifestyle factors, as well as managing payments and providing support throughout the experience. Having a good connection means we’ve established the foundation for a positive homestay partnership.

Are host families paid? Yes! AHN payments are designed to cover day-to-day food and accommodation expenses, with a little extra to thank you for your efforts.

Filling an “empty nest”

Homestay is an excellent option if all your kids have moved out or you’ve got a spare room. With over 600,000 international students studying in Australia*, there are plenty of potential guests looking for a home away from home. As an AHN host you can turn your extra space into an asset while benefitting from the additional company.

An experienced support team

Our professional management team monitors and manages each homestay. Your Host Manager and dedicated Customer Care Managers will actively support you every step of the way, from the matching process through to student departure and all times in between. We also have a 24/7 contact centre so you can call us anytime – day or night – if you need assistance.

Being an AHN homestay host

Grahame from Canberra shares his experience as a host on our blog.

Bill has hosted over 90 international students since retiring and explains the advantages to his life here.

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Very happy we are all getting along famously. Joshua has really fitted well in with our family. Same birthday has my husband, he is a wonderful boy and we are going to really miss him. His parents should be very proud of him. Looking forward to more hosting. Joshua has developed a wonderful bond with our 5 year old Oliver.

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* There were 606,780 international students studying in Australia up to October 2017.
(Department of Education and Training. 2017. International Student Data Monthly Summary: October 2017. Accessed 20 December 2017).