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Bendigo is a large regional city that offers a relaxed lifestyle. It is home to La Trobe University’s Bendigo campus and Bendigo TAFE. It also has a proud, rich Chinese history, but long before the Chinese and Europeans, the Jarra Jarra people occupied the land where gold was discovered. You can celebrate with the descendants of this Aboriginal tribe during annual NAIDOC Week festivities in Bendigo. Or see Jarra Jarra rock wells on the Eureka Reef Walk.

Bendigo now Victoria’s third biggest town with around 100,000 residents. It is proud of its gold mining history and celebrates this with museums and other tourist activities.

The city also has many gardens and bush walking tracks along with a variety of shops, galleries and cafes for you to enjoy.

Studying in Bendigo

La Trobe University Bendigo Campus
Bendigo TAFE

We’re here to make sure you have the best homestay experience possible. Our team has operated in the Bendigo area for over 10 years, so we know the region well, and can provide you with advice about the local area, community events and public transport options.

Places to Visit

  • Vintage Talking Tram Tour – Sit back, relax and let the tram do all the talking. Be delighted by the wide streetscapes and grand architecture of Bendigo as your tram shares entertaining stories about the city founded on one of the world’s richest goldfields. Your Vintage Talking Tram ticket is valid for two consecutive days, allowing you to get on or off the tram at any tram stop and wander through the city at your leisure, enjoying the many attractions, shopping and dining facilities that Bendigo has to offer.
  • Central Deborah Gold Mine. For an unforgettable experience, descend to the depths of Bendigo’s underworld at Central Deborah Gold Mine and discover the significance of Bendigo’s gold mining history.
  • Golden Dragon Museum Chinese heritage is an integral part of Bendigo. From the goldrush to the present day, the Bendigo Chinese community has influenced the proud history of Bendigo – from its traditions of charitable works for local hospitals to its spectacular displays in the Bendigo Easter Fair.

Annual Events


Bendigo’s location on the southern fringe of the Great Dividing Range means it enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate. The region avoids extremes in weather such as snow and strong winds and averages 240 rain free days per year. With the average January temperature of 29 degrees and 12 degrees in July – the variation between the seasons is very pleasant. Bendigo is still one of the few places in Australia that you can enjoy all four seasons.

Cost of Living

Rent per month – city centre
(1 bedroom apartment)

Rent per month – outside city centre
(1 bedroom apartment)

One-way ticket on public transport

McMeal/combo meal at McDonald’s

330ml bottle of Coca-Cola

Movie ticket

Regular cup of coffee

You can also use the Insider Guides Cost of Living Calculator to estimate living expenses in cities around Australia.

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