AHN – Ensuring Appropriate Host Insurance Cover

AHN has arranged a special tailor-made cover (exclusive to AHN), under one policy that has been designed specifically for AHN hosts and AHN managed students in a homestay situation. It is a requirement under the AHN program for hosts to have appropriate liability insurance protection for themselves and students and appropriate cover for students’ belongings.

The insurance AHN has arranged provides this protection. You can find the full details of the AHN cover here.

AHN Hosts have 2 choices with respect to their Homestay Insurance:

  1. Accept the AHN arranged insurance for AHN managed student placements
  2. Apply to our independent insurance broker to nominate your own cover as meeting the AHN insurance requirements

AHN recognises that a Host may have already purchased insurance to cover themselves and the students they are hosting in a homestay situation. Hosts who have insurance that is deemed to be appropriate will not be required to use the insurance arranged by AHN.

Hosts who believe they already have appropriate insurance cover should send a copy of their policy to the independent insurance broker appointed by AHN on the details provided below. The broker will assess the cover for suitability and respond directly to the host with the outcome within 3 working days.

Broker Name: ACM Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd, AFSL 281790
Contact Name: Peter Mitchell
Contact Email: peterm@acmib.com.au

If the broker deems that the host does have suitable insurance cover, they will notify AHN of the outcome and arrange to have the default insurance cover switched off in the AHN system. The default insurance cover provided by AHN will remain switched on, and the specified cost will be deducted from the hosting fees, until official notification has been received from the insurance broker.

If you have any general enquiries about this process, please direct them to our Head Office team at info@homestaynetwork.org

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