AHN Brisbane

AHN is one of Australia's leading homestay providers. 

At AHN we aim to deliver the highest standard of homestay services for our customers through:

  • Ensuring appropriate supervision in an approved Homestay environment
  • Enabling the student to experience the culture of the region in which they are studying
  • Encouraging the sharing of the students own culture with their Homestay host
  • Providing a structure for community interaction and the establishment of social networks for the student
  • We utilise the latest in online technology to manage our homestay programs and provide all of our partners with up to date information about their homestay at the click of a button.

Our unique online management system is backed up by a team of friendly staff who are always willing to help.

In addition, we provide a professional call centre for our students and hosts which is available 24hrs a day 7 days a week.  Our professional 24/7 emergency help line are experts in:

  • AHN Homestay Help Desk
  • Medical Assistance and Referral
  • Telephone Legal Advice
  • Stress & Trauma Support
  • Appropriate Interpreter Assistance (for approved medical/emergency support)
  • Claim Lodgment for AHN insurance claims

AHN Brisbane homestay offers students a friendly, safe and secure home environment to live in while studying in and around Brisbane, Queensland.

Homestay families are trained to understand the adjustment needs of International students.  The support they offer to the students often leads to lasting friendships.

Living in and offering homestay provides the host and student, an opportunity to experience rewarding cultural exchanges.  Students experience Australian life, get to know the basic geography of Brisbane and are shown how to use public transport, set up a bank account and access information about internet and mobile phones.

Students are expected to stay a minimum of four weeks in homestay but can stay on longer if desired.  Some students utilise homestay as a transition period to assist them with adjusting to a new country before moving on to other forms of accommodation, while other students choose to stay with their homestay for the duration of their studies.

AHN makes every effort to satisfy both the host and student requests when making a placement. 

To become an AHN host please see: Joining as a Homestay Host