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How is Australia Homestay Network (AHN) different from any other Australian homestay company?

The Australian Homestay Network (AHN) is the leading and most successful homestay program in the world!

Our mission is to provide the safest, most successful homestay experiences for our students. We understand the concerns and issues from the perspectives of the families, the educators, and the agents. Our company was formed by a team of seasoned professionals who are all dedicated to the successful outcome of each and every homestay experience; we have the systems, processes, and overall approach in place to realise our objectives, as well as those of the students, hosts, agents, and educators.

We accomplish this goal through our proprietary processes of selecting and approving host families and matching students to the right hosts, as well as our provision of online training for hosts and students to prepare them for this unique multicultural experience. AHN’s homestay placements provide more than rooms for rent; we are raising the standards of homestay across the country.

AHN provides a comprehensive suite of services that extend to everyone affiliated with our company. Our agents, students, educators, and hosts all have private access to an online communication portal, ensuring that we can efficiently and effectively manage the complexities of a national homestay business.

Does AHN comply with any Homestay Standards?

AHN have been the industry leaders in Homestay Standards throughout Australia. Click here for full details of the standards we adhere to.

What are the benefits of developing a relationship with AHN?

Educators who work with AHN receive the benefits of the decades of experience, processes, and systems we have accumulated over the years.

We understand the importance of successful homestay placements for your international students. Many students find that a homestay is the best way to achieve both language and cultural immersion as they launch their studies in Australia.

AHN has developed its own (Homestay Management System) HMS technology. This system provides private access to track your students’ progress with their applications, their homestay host matches, and their arrivals, as well as a complete history of all communications relating to their homestay experience. The system automatically makes routine email contact with the student and the host to ensure that the homestay is going smoothly.

Does AHN accept students of all ages, in all types of programs?

We accept students of all ages attending many different education providers including; high schools, universities, English colleges, TAFE and other private institutions.

What services do you provide?

Our service offerings are comprehensive and provide a compelling reason for educators to work with AHN. Our program includes:

  • Sophisticated matching for hosts and students
  • The most comprehensive, automated homestay business-management software that manages all aspects of the transaction, including private communication portals for students, hosts, educators, and agents
  • Numerous payment options
  • Proprietary, rigorous background and screening process
  • Airport transportation services
  • Online cultural host training and testing
  • Online student orientation
  • 24/7 critical-incident support line

Where do you currently have homestay hosts?

AHN have a growing community of homestay hosts in many cities across the country. Please contact us to discuss your specific geographical homestay requirements as we are continually expanding our business.

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