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Host Information

The Anglican Schools Commission International in association with Australian Homestay Network (AHN)


For Australians to participate in a supervised and supported cultural exchange program with new arriving international students.

To provide residents the opportunity to assist with the welcoming and settling in of international students to Australia.

Participants will meet, host and assist new international students arriving for study and help the student(s) with orientation to their campus and Australia, as well as provide general safety, accommodation and welfare information.

Australian Homestay Network Management

The Australian Homestay Network is Australia’s leading manager of International Student Homestay Programs and provides full support and free online training to all hosts.

AHN will interview all applicants as well as inspecting premises ensuring suitability for the hosting required.

Applicants will be required to meet AHN standards before being selected to host a student.

How you can take part

  • Do you have a spare room?
  • Do you live near public transport?
  • Would you be a good mentor for a new visitor in Australia?
  • If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions then you may qualify to join the Australian Homestay Network.

Professional Support Provided

Opportunities exist now for friendly individuals and families to become an Australian Homestay Network (AHN) host and share a unique cultural experience with Australia’s visiting international students.

Homestay is a cultural exchange between a local individual or family (called a host) and a visiting international student.

The International Student lives for a period of time as a guest in the host’s home.

AHN supports all hosts with a range of services such as:

  • Full training
  • Professional 24/7 support
  • Full Administration support (payments and receipting)
  • Tax free host payments to cover all anticipated expenses
  • Appropriate Insurance Cover for both students and hosts
  • Assistance with student management and support

AHN was recently commended by the Senate Inquiry into the Welfare of International Students for their standards of service.

It’s Interesting and Fun

Enjoy everyday activities with your visiting student including:

  • showing your student around your community
  • guiding them on the basics of Australian culture
  • listening to them talk about where they are from
  • teaching them some basics like establishing a phone, buying transport tickets, where the local shops are, how to access banking and personal safety tips
  • helping with English and ‘Aussie’ words and phrases
  • following the AHN guidelines provided regarding hosting an international student

It’s really easy to do and usually lots of fun!

It’s Easy

AHN hosts provide a clean and furnished bedroom for their guest. This includes items like a bed, linen, desk, wardrobe, chair and a study lamp.

The visiting student will need to have access to bathroom and laundry facilities.  Guidance on how to operate equipment may need to be given to students.

Homestay includes

3 Meals a day – 7 days a week plus Snacks

General Expenses Are Covered

AHN Homestay provides a weekly allowance that covers all anticipated costs, excluding internet usage. Host can charge a maximum of $12.50 per student, per week.

AHN manages all student placements, student fees, institution liaison, management support, insurances, and payment administration.